How Much is Your Car Depreciating in the Philippines?

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How Much is Your Car Depreciating in the Philippines?

How to Use Our Online Car Depreciation Tool for the Philippines?

From Car Appraisal to Car Depreciation, all for the Philippines

step 1 for Philippines' used car and 2nd hand
         market price for sale cars
To start, enter the maker, model, the year the car is bought, and the mileage (if applicable) to the car depreciation tool.

The first step in getting the depreciation value of your car is to get the current value of the car. These steps will be the same as our Car Value Calculator. 

STEP 1. Have a Used Car in mind 
STEP 2. Get the high-level information of the car 
STEP 3. Let the magic of Machine Learning work for you 

Now, you know the value of your car. The Car depreciation tool extends this insight by projecting the value of your car in the coming years.  

In our Car Depreciation calculator, we don't just use a simple linear model or any fixed equation. We used tens of thousands of data in our survey to calculator car depreciation.  

For us to project the value of your car, we will extract the average mileage usage in a year for your particular car. Then we will then get the car value in the next four years. The resulting car depreciation value is shown in an intuitive graph at the same time, we provide further details of our graph in the next section.  

P.S Curious about where we get the average mileage usage? Go to our mileage ranking calculator to know more. 

Understanding the Results

After providing the high-level information of our car, we will give you the car depreciation graph like the one below. 

                                                          Depreciation Tool
                                                          For Philippines' Graphs

The Y-axis is the Price in Philippine Pesos and the X-axis would be the years of ownership of the vehicle. The X-axis starts with the value of now which means it represents the current value of your car. Then it adds one year after another which represents the next coming four years. These coming years show the projected value and depreciation of your car if you still own it in the next four years. 

We will show you two sets of information in this single graph. The first information is in the blue line graph which represents the Car value from the present up to its projected value in the next four years.  

                                                          Car Depreciation Graphs

The second set of information is in the red bar graph which represents the car depreciation. Since you are smart, you might guess that this bar graph is just the difference between two points from the car value projection in the blue line graph. You are right about this and we included this so that you won't have to get your calculator just to get the car depreciation of your car. 

There are also two ways of looking at your car depreciation results. First is to look at the cumulative value of the car depreciation and the per year cost. We added a toggle button so that you can switch between views at your convenience. 

                                                          Car Depreciation Graphs

The first view or the default view that we are showing is the cumulative cost view. In this view, let's say we are looking at the value in year 3. This value represents the depreciation cost after three years. This is valuable information if you plan to hold your car and then sell it after three years. We give you the information to make the right decision on when to sell your car. 

Looking at the Per Year Cost, this value represents the depreciation cost from two consecutive years. This view is very valuable if you want o understand the rate of depreciation of a particular model. If you are choosing between two car models, you can compare their rate of depreciation over time.  

                                                          Philippines Graphs

So far, that's all you need to know to understand our car depreciation graph. If you still have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you with a smile. :) 

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Car Depreciation For YOU

This is not your standard depreciation rate. We know you are unique, that is why we built this for you.

                                                          Depreciation of a
                                                          Brand New Car

When someone mentions car depreciation,  I always imagine a brand new car going out of the car dealership and then buckets of money flowing out of the car as it loses significant value. One way or another, you have heard that a brand new car may lose 10% or more just by taking it out of the car dealership. Then it continues to lose its value year after by some percent. 

Do you think this is true? Where does the 10% come from? What do you think is the right percentage of the depreciation cost? Is that rate for a sedan or for an SUV? You probably own a Toyota, does your car depreciates less?

The more important question that should be running in your head is, what is the depreciation cost of MY OWN CAR (or the car that I am trying to buy)!

This is where CarSurvey's Car Depreciation Calculator comes in. We know the price trend of most car models and we derive the car depreciation of these car models. We package this information and make it all about you!

Let's take a step back and see what are the factors that affect the depreciation of your car.

Philippines Car Depreciation

The first thing that makes this Car Depreciation Calculator about you is that this is made in, and made for the Philippines. We find it almost useless to rely on car valuation or depreciation in Dollars or in Euros. We got tired of wishing someone should create one for the Philippines, para sa Pinoy! So here it is, para sa iyo talaga yan. 

Philippine Car Depreciation - Jeep

Not a Filipino? I'm sure you know some Pinoy out there, tell them about this Car Depreciation Calculator

Car Brands - Toyota or Honda?

We are talking about the Car Maker and Model of your car. These companies have spent a lot of time and money to build their brands. The resell value of that brand depends on different factors that range from where is it made, what are the impressions of the current customers, up to the availability of the spare parts for these models. In a way, we put our lives at stake when we drive our cars, so we really need to bet on the Car Maker that has a great reputation.

Car Depreciation of Various Cars

To get an accurate depreciation cost for your own car, we only compare the market price to the same car maker and model for your car. You do that when you select the maker and model of your car in our Car Depreciation Calculator. The price trend for your selected car model is the only one that will affect your car depreciation rate.

Year when the Car is Bought

This is where the rubber hits the road. The age of the car is the main factor in determining the depreciation of your car. Instead of just giving you a standard rate of depreciation, our Car Depreciation Calculator   gives you the actual Price is pesos on how much you are actually losing on a yearly basis. 

Like what was said before, the car loses value after just driving out in the dealership. Prove this through our Car Depreciation Calculator! Just put in the right maker and model, then choose the year we are currently on and put '1' in the odometer. Then share to your friends this concrete insight into the depreciating cost after buying this brand new car model.

Another interesting thought about the age of the car is that the value of the car has a big drop in its 4th year. They say this is because of most of the required periodic maintenance. To keep the warranty of our car, we need to strictly follow the prescribed periodic maintenance but most of these expire on its 3rd year. There is a perception that some people may not continue their maintenance after this. Do you believe that? Again, prove it! Use our Car Depreciation Calculator to find out.

Car Maintenance as a Factor of Car Depreciation

Mileage and Car Usage

The main flaw of a standard depreciation rate of say 15% or 20% depreciation per year is that it assumed that we all drive the same way. Do you think you drive similar to most people? We can actually answer that question for you, just go to our Mileage Rank Calculator to know exactly how much you drive more or less than the average driver. :)

Sorry, I digress… We believe that you are unique and your driving habit is unique. We factor in the actual mileage of your car in our Car Depreciation Calculator. It is common sense that when you drive less, the depreciation is less as well. Our Car Depreciation Calculator   also assumes that you will have the same driving habit, similar mileage usage, in the coming years. We already factored all of these in the results of our Car Depreciation Calculator.

Casting a Vision

Casting A Vision from the Car Depreciation

The depreciation of your car is a vision of the future for your car. What do you see? Do you think you can hold your car for the next three to five years? Does your car have enough value so that you can sell it and buy your next dream car? Tell your friends what you see. Share your insights on the results of the depreciation of your car. I'm sure they care about it, ..because we sure do!

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